Current campaigns

No waste incinerator for Waterbeach - WON!

Waste management company Amey Cespa proposed to build an 'energy from waste' plant near Waterbeach; in other words a large-scale incinerator. Following Cambridgeshire County Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council's rejection of their proposal, Amey Cespa chose to appeal. Happily, the Secretary of State upheld the Councils' decision and on 15th June announced that the appeal was dismissed. Amey Cespa opted not to challenge this decision, so we can all finally relax!

South Cambs Green Party was opposed to the incinerator on a number of grounds: read our submission to the planning inquiry here. The campaign against the incinerator was led by  Cambridge Without Incineration, a campaign organised by local residents.

Rail Haverhill Campaign

South Cambs Green Party supports the Rail Haverhill campaign. Rail Haverhill campaigns for the restoration of the railway between the Suffolk market town of Haverhill and Cambridge, including stations at Linton, Granta Park in Abington and Babraham/Sawston.


Historical campaigns

Local elections 2022

Click here for archived information about our campaign for the South Cambridgeshire District Council elections 2022.

EU referendum

 South Cambridgeshire Green Party believes that the UK should remain part of the EU, but should work hard to reform it.  For more information about our position see Greens for a Better Europe 

Pollution in Hauxton

A former Fison manufacturing site in Hauxton is being developed for housing by Harrow Estates. Pesticides and herbicides had been produced there from the 1940s until 2004. In an attempt to clean up the site, building contractors are now disturbing toxic chemicals beneath the surface, causing local residents to report illness and sore throats.   A pressure group, 'Hauxair', has been formed to press for the process to be stopped, assessed for safety and alternative methods applied. All help is welcomed. 

Call to Action

Our Call to Action, launched in April 2010, sets out our local ideas on policy and aims to inspire some genuine green thinking at the District Council.