Current campaigns

Support your Green Party in the District Council Elections, May 2018

This will be the first all-out election with all 45 seats up. As usual, your local party will be working hard to make sure green voices are heard. You can help us in several ways.

Stand for election

We have started to look for candidates. If you are interested in standing just for the experience, are passionate about a local issue, wanti to make a positive contribution, believe in democracy, whatever, then please let us know!


The election campaign will cost money, so please considering making a regular financial contribution to the local party, no matter how small. The easiest way is through a simple standing order, or you can send a cheque. Contact us for details.

Campaign with us

We’ll be needing people to deliver leaflets, put up posters, etc. Watch this space for more, or contact us to let us know you’re keen to be involved.


Make sure you’re registered to vote and remind your friends to do the same. In particular, the election will probably mark the last opportunity for citizens from the European Union to vote in a UK election. So, if you are an EU citizen then please don't forget to register.

Rail Haverhill Campaign

South Cambs Green Party supports the Rail Haverhill campaign. Rail Haverhill campaigns for the restoration of the railway between the Suffolk market town of Haverhill and Cambridge, including stations at Linton, Granta Park in Abington and Babraham/Sawston.


Historical campaigns

2016 local elections

We want to make South Cambridgeshire an even better place to live and work.

A Green Councillor in your area would campaign for:

  • investment in green transport: better bus services and a joined-up cycle network
  • subsidised district-wide energy ef cient retro- t to upgrade the housing stock, cut bills and reduce carbon pollution
  • protection for our green spaces: vital for both people and wildlife.

Green policies all stem from the fact we only have one planet and rely on it for our survival. We want better, not more. Jobs for all, not just massive profits for a few. An inheritance for future generations, and protection for the other living creatures that share this planet.

  • We are calling for real action that will reduce the impact of climate change.
  • We passionately want to create a fairer, more equal society.
  • We are defending well-funded public health and education systems.
  • We want a planning system that gives local people more control and delivers genuinely affordable housing in the places people want to live.
  • We are calling for the UK to stay in the EU. We know that the EU isn’t perfect, but it has brought us peace and progress on many important international issues. We need to stay in, reform it and be part of a co-operative, democratic Europe.

The Green Party is funded by its members and supporters, not by big business. Our politicians are allowed to follow their own judgement rather than being forced to vote along Party lines. This means you can be sure your Green representative is able to take independent decisions for the good of local people.

If you share our concerns and want your District Council to give them a real hearing, please vote Green this year.

EU referendum

 South Cambridgeshire Green Party believes that the UK should remain part of the EU, but should work hard to reform it.  For more information about our position see Greens for a Better Europe 

Pollution in Hauxton

A former Fison manufacturing site in Hauxton is being developed for housing by Harrow Estates. Pesticides and herbicides had been produced there from the 1940s until 2004. In an attempt to clean up the site, building contractors are now disturbing toxic chemicals beneath the surface, causing local residents to report illness and sore throats.   A pressure group, 'Hauxair', has been formed to press for the process to be stopped, assessed for safety and alternative methods applied. All help is welcomed. 

Call to Action

Our Call to Action, launched in April 2010, sets out our local ideas on policy and aims to inspire some genuine green thinking at the District Council.