County Council election, 6 May 2021

On 6th May 2021, all 61 seats on Cambridgeshire County Council are up for election. We are fielding Green candidates for the 15 seats which are within South Cambridgeshire - so wherever you live in our District, you have the opportunity to Vote Green! 

Read about our key policies here.

We are also fielding candidates for the four by-elections for South Cambridgeshire District Council which take place on the same date:

Harston & Comberton: Colin Reynolds
Melbourn: Paul Evans
Girton: Colin Coe
Milton & Waterbeach: Ellie Crane

If you have any questions for our candidates, or any other queries, please email

Our candidates

Here's the full list of our County Council candidates, in alphabetical order by electoral division. 
If you're not sure which electoral division you live in, go to WriteToThem and enter your postcode.
To find out what other parties are standing in your division, visit Who Can I Vote For.


Stan RankinBar Hill: Stan Rankin

Stan has lived in Cambridgeshire his whole life. He joined the Green Party as he sees the protection of the environment and the planet as a whole as the most important issue of our time. He is running for the Green Party as he believes that the Greens offer the most in terms of long term sustainable development and act with all their power to protect our planet. Stan is particularly keen on improving cycling infrastructure throughout the local area.




Marcus PitcaithlyCambourne: Marcus Pitcaithly







Colin CoeCottenham & Willingham: Colin Coe

Now retired, Colin’s varied career included a bid to establish a workers’ co-operative at his last job where he was a Unison Steward and H&S Representative.

He has been a member of the Green Party for a decade and believes that the challenge of Climate Change is to get the public to accept both the urgency and the sacrifices that will be necessary. Colin is also a firm advocate of a Universal Basic Income. 

His local concerns include street lighting, potholes, heavy lorries and speeding traffic (through the village), sustainable housing development, both flooding and water shortages.


green silhouetteDuxford: Clare James







Oli Fisher

Fulbourn: Oliver Fisher

Oliver and his family have lived in Teversham for the last ten years and he has been a parish councillor for the last seven years. He is very passionate about the local area and wants to help to deliver a bright and sustainable future for our various communities. "If elected I would campaign for better public transport and cycling routes into the city."




Steve BradshawGamlingay: Steve Bradshaw

Steve joined the Green Party in the hope that issues such as long term sustainable development, and the destruction of wildlife could be communicated to a wider audience: "It's great that some ground has been made, but there's still so much work to do here. Any vote for a green candidate will help make sure these issues are not ignored or brushed aside when inconvenient."





Colin Reynolds (not recent!)Hardwick: Colin Reynolds

Colin has been a Green Party member for years, because it's the only party that appears to recognise the total lunacy of the concept of perpetual growth on a finite planet. He firmly believes that we humans need to learn to work with, and respect, the natural world instead of treating it as just another commodity to be abused. He is a strong advocate for equality and social justice. Not a recent photo!





Sandra ArcherHiston & Impington: Sandra Archer

Before her retirement, Sandra worked as a counsellor for a GP practice & a charitable counselling agency. Ten years ago her long interest in the environment led her to join the Green Party. Since then she has been pleased to discover that the Green Party has the dual goals of achieving both climate justice & social justice, two of the most important aspects of life there are.





Paul EvansLinton: Paul Evans

Paul is a social worker by trade and currently teaches Social Work at a local University. Paul is a committed advocate and campaigner for social justice, sustainable living, equality, non-violence and the rights of others. Paul is an activist within his local community, a trade union member, a runner and a Quaker.





Maria HarrissonLongstanton & Over: Maria Harrison

Maria grew up in Ipswich before moving to Northstowe over two years ago. She has been a parish councillor for the last 18 months for Longstanton Parish Council and is currently Chair of the Sustainability Working Group. Maria is passionate about making Northstowe and the local area a sustainable and thriving community; she is part of many local community groups and was a regular at the monthly Northstowe community litter picks (pre-Covid!).




Simon SaggersMelbourn & Bassingbourn: Simon Saggers

Simon and his family run the Guilden Gate smallholding in Bassingbourn. Simon has been a Parish Councillor, a trustee of the village housing trust and is a governor at the local Village College. "We need more affordable homes - the Greens would build more social rented homes and bring abandoned buildings back into use to help ensure that everyone has a secure and affordable place to live."





Dan AspelPapworth & Swavesey: Dan Aspel

Dan has lived in Cambridgeshire for the past 10 years and feels passionately that the environment is the most important issue facing voters at this election. He is running on behalf of the Green Party in the shared belief that our society has tremendous potential to grow and reshape for the benefit of the many, and for a brighter future for all. Actively involved in pushing for greater cycling infrastructure within the county, he currently works at the Isaac Newton Institute on the University of Cambridge's Mathematics campus.



Sophi BerridgeSawston & Shelford (two seats): Sophi Berridge and Ellie Crane

Sophi is a teacher who grew up in Sawston and now lives in Stapleford. She is involved with many local environmental projects and spends time in her allotment on the weekends. "Nature and our access to it has been reduced to narrow footpaths and small pockets of land. I would campaign for more spaces which encourage wildlife to flourish and allows us to experience more of our country's beautiful natural heritage."





Ellie CraneEllie is a freelance environmental consultant and mother to a small child. "The government is obsessed with economic growth, but most of the growth planned for our area is environmentally destructive and doesn't benefit the majority of residents. I am standing as a Green because our policies are about building a society that works for everyone."






green silhouetteWaterbeach: Tom Lachlan-Cope