Agreement reached to field one Remain candidate in local seats

10 November 2019

It has now been formally announced that the Green Party has come to an arrangement with Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats to field one candidate from a Remain party in selected seats in England and Wales for the upcoming election.

Members of South Cambridgeshire Green Party were given the opportunity to vote on whether South Cambridgeshire should form part of this agreement. By 35 votes to 7 you voted for Oli Fisher, our Parliamentary candidate to stand aside in favour of a Unite to Remain candidate. Our results became an integral part of the national negotiations and we are pleased to announce that this has now been agreed and that Oli will not be standing. A similar process took place for South East Cambridgeshire and members also voted for the Green candidate to stand down.

The Unite to Remain candidate for South Cambridgeshire is Ian Sollom, and for South East Cambridgeshire Pippa Heylings (both Liberal Democrats). We recognise their shared commitment to Europe, proportional representation and actually doing something about the climate emergency.

The Green target seat in our region is Bury St Edmunds. As part of the national agreement, the Liberal Democrat candidate there has agreed to stand down in favour of Green candidate Helen Geake. 

Local Green members and supporters are free to vote and to campaign according to their personal views, but we do encourage you to do whatever you can to support Helen as our target candidate. Find Helen on Facebook as @helen4bury and on Twitter as @HelenGeake.

Further details and updates will follow in the coming weeks but if you have any immediate issues, thoughts or concerns, then please do not hesitate to
contact us.

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