Response of the Cambridge and South Cambs Green Parties to Anglian Water Phase 3 consultation

27 April 2022

The local Green Parties have issued a response to the third and final phase of consultation on the proposed relocation of Cambridge Waste Water Treatment Works. Read the full text of our response below or download the document as a PDF.


Cambridge Waste Water Treatment Plant Relocation, Phase 3 consultation: Response from Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire Green Parties

Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire Green Parties have previously responded to the Phase 1 and Phase 2 consultations regarding the proposed relocation of the Cambridge Waste Water Treatment Plant (CWWTP).

Our key message in response to the Phase 3 consultation is that we remain opposed to the proposed relocation, for the following reasons:

  1. There is no operational necessity to move the plant.  CWWTP recently underwent a £21 million upgrade intended to future-proof it “for decades to come”.
  2. We strongly oppose the proposed development of North East Cambridge. In addition to the fundamentally unsustainable nature of growth in our water-stressed region, the proposed development will not address the real need for affordable homes for local people, but rather will draw more workers into Cambridge and exert upward pressure on housing costs.
  3. The move would involve the needless destruction of Green Belt. The first consultation made a clear case that there are no suitable non-Green Belt sites for the CWWTP to move to. It is inevitable that moving the works from its current location in an industrial estate on the edge of Cambridge into a rural area would result in negative impacts on biodiversity, landscape and amenity. 
  4. There will be a large and totally avoidable carbon cost associated with building the new site and with decommissioning the existing plant.

Given that this is our position, we have chosen not to engage with the detail of the Phase 3 consultation, which focuses on mitigation of the impacts arising from relocating the CWWTP. We urge Anglian Water to engage constructively with Save Honey Hill, who have assessed the proposals in detail.

Regardless of attempts to mitigate impacts through design of the new treatment works, the fact remains that all impacts are completely avoidable. The CWWTP does not need to be moved.

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