Read our response to the Cambridge Waste Water Treatment Plant relocation project

17 August 2021

Following a consultation on site options, Anglian Water has selected Honey Hill as its preferred site for the proposed relocation of Cambridge sewage works. Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire Green Parties have submitted a joint response to the second consultation, which is about the design of the proposed new treatment plant.

Our key points:

  • We strongly oppose the current proposals.
  • We continue to believe that the sewage works should stay where it is, on Cowley Road in north Cambridge. Moving it is not operationally necessary, and comes with signicant costs in terms of carbon emissions, destruction of Green Belt and risk of water pollution. Anglian Water spent £21 million in 2014 to upgrade the existing plant.
  • Honey Hill is valued by local people for its wide open skies and recreational opportunities. Regardless of any 'improvements' to the rights of way network, the net impact moving the sewage works here will be negative because of odour and visual impacts.
  • Local people are extremely concerned at the impacts of a predicted 146 lorries (as well as light traffic) per day once the plant is operational. It is vital that this traffic is kept off of the village roads.

You can read our full response here. To find out more about the local campaign against the project, visit the Save Honey Hill website.

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