The Cambridge and South Cambs Greens response to New Housing Policies Consultation

2 April 2021

Local Greens call for greater ambition in affordable housing provision


Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Councils have consulted on three new policies: Build to Rent, Clustering and Distribution of Affordable Housing, and Affordable Rents. Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire Green Parties submitted a joint respose, which you can read in full here.

Our key points:

- We would like to see 50% of homes across the development to be provided as Affordable, rather than the 40% stated. We do not see a justification for requiring only 20% of homes in Build to Rent developments to be Affordable.

- We believe that a discount of 20% relative to the market rate is insufficient to make ‘Affordable Private Rent’ homes truly affordable for local people.

- It is not made sufficiently clear how these policies will help to deliver the Councils’ambitions on environmental sustainability and social equality, with vague language and a lack of substantive policies in some areas.

- We are very concerned that the Setting of Affordable Rents policy seems to demonstrate that, by the Council’s own metrics, ‘affordable’ housing will in fact be no such thing. The justification given is that providing greater discounts would not be “viable” in terms of Registered Housing Providers’ business plans. The Green Party calls for greater scrutiny of this decision.



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