The Cambridge and South Cambs Greens' response to Anglian Water's consultation

25 September 2020

Cambridge sewage works has been at its current location on the northern edge of the city for 125 years. There are now plans to relocate it to make way for a major new development. Anglian Water have been consulting on their shortlist of possible new sites. You can read the local Green Parties' response in full here

Our key points:

  • The scale of house building in our water-stressed region is unsustainable. The best option would be to leave the sewage works where it is.
  • In its plans, Anglian Water must address the concerns and proposals raised by the Cam Valley Forum in their recent report 'Let it Flow'. The Cam is suffering from over-abstraction and pollution.
  • The new facility must retain or increase the capacity to generate energy and biosolids from anaerobic digestion, while ensuring non-biodegradable waste is kept separate. Has the potential for joint anaerobic digestion facilities with waste disposal been explored?
  • Anglian Water should work with local authorities to ensure any loss of Green Belt land resulting from the project is compensated for by improvements to the remaining Green Belt.
  • Given that a significant area north of Cambridge is projected to be be below annual flood level by 2050, what are the predicted flood risks to the new facility over its entire life span?

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