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16 May 2015

The national picture

Of course it's disappointing that we didn't pick up more seats. However, the Green Party polled 1.6 million votes nationally, well over four times our 2010 vote (enough to have yielded 25 MPs under a proportional system), while Caroline Lucas' majority in Brighton Pavilion increased fivefold, a massive endorsement of an excellent Green MP. At the same time, the Green Party gained a net ten seats on English councils.


Simon Saggers

Simon Saggers, our candidate for the South Cambridgeshire parliamentary constituency, received 3,848 votes (6.3% of the total). This is a 270% improvement on his 2010 total, and marks the first time a Green Parliamentary candidate in this constituency has kept their deposit - an excellent showing and a strong foundation for going into next year's County Council elections.


Green Party candidates in South Cambridgeshire District Council elections

District Council elections were held on the same day as the General Election.  We contested 17 out of 19 wards in South Cambridgeshire, with the following results (# votes and % of those who voted):

Balsham: Ellie Crane - 222 votes (7.84%)

Bar Hill: Claudia Roland - 265 votes (9.27%)

Barton: Anna Gomori - 298 votes (19.54%)

Bourn: Marcus Pitcaithly - 766 votes (14.25%)

Comberton: Andy Margetts - 168 votes (12.12%)

Cottenham: Colin Coe - 464 votes (10.39%)

Duxford: Wendy Bohme - 169 votes (10.44%)

Fowlmere and Foxton: Paul Evans - 106 votes (7.08%)

Fulbourn: John Ranken - 155 votes (5.82%)

Hardwick: Claire Rankin - 98 votes (6.41%)

Histon and Impington: Darren Cotterell - 695 votes (12.01%)

Orwell and Barrington: David Smith - 97 votes (6.68%)

Papworth and Elsworth: Gaynor Clements - 325 votes (10.65%)

Sawston: Sophi Berridge - 553 votes (15.20%)

The Shelfords and Stapleford: Linda Whitbread - 676 votes (15.20%)

Teversham: Oliver Fisher - 151 votes (12.15%)

Willingham and Over: Helen Stocks - 278 votes (7.22%)


This adds up to 5,486 votes, or 11.15% of votes cast in those 17 wards. If local candidates had to pay deposits, nobody would have lost theirs.

Thank you for your support, and well done to all our candidates!


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