The Cambridge and South Cambs Greens' response to plans for North East Cambridge

2 October 2020

The plans for North East Cambridge include 8,000 flats (housing 18,500 people) plus 20,000 new jobs. The local Green Parties have responded to the consultation: read our response in full here.

Although aspects of the vision sound good on paper, there is little in the detail to give confidence that the district will be as ‘inclusive, walkable and low-carbon’ as promised. Green space provision is woefully low, plans for critical community facilities are “pending”, and with 4000 private car parking spaces it is hard to see how the aspiration of no additional car journeys on Milton Road will be met. With buildings up to 13 storeys high, the development will be a major intrusion on the surrounding landscape. The aim of 10% net biodiversity gain lacks ambition and relies on ‘improving’ already well-used green spaces in the area. Without a significant re-think, North East Cambridge will be nothing more than a densely-packed housing estate, adding to the pressure on the surrounding transport network, green spaces and community facilities.

Cambridge has a number of problems that urgently need to be tackled, from traffic jams, poor air quality and the regional water crisis to shocking levels of inequality within the city and wider area. At the end of the day, building thousands of new homes while creating even more new jobs will do nothing to address these issues, and in fact is likely to make them worse. 

The consultation remains open until 5pm on Monday 5th October. Have your say here


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