Green wins in the 2019 European elections

1 June 2019

Catherine Rowett, Green MEP for East of EnglandThe East of England has elected Catherine Rowett as our first ever Green MEP. Greens came third in South Cambs with 8,351 votes - beating both Labour and the Tories - and second in Cambridge!

An enormous and thoroughly deserved THANK YOU to everyone who campaigned, delivered leaflets, put up a poster or who simply had a conversation with their neighbour, their work colleague, the person on the bus, just explaining that there is an alternative to Brexit, we can invest in our schools, health services, public transport, create a circular economy, stop using plastic and that the climate emergency really can be averted. Thank you again.

Across the country, the Green Party won a seat in seven English regions - more than doubling the number of Green MEPs from the three seats won last time. Find details of our MEPs and other elected representatives on the Green Party website.

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